Guilt Free Ice Cream - Extra Fun!

Vegan, but we still love it!
Lorraine Joy approved treat for the summertime:-)

Suddenly, out of the frozen section of Mother's Market (another of our oft-frequented, local, natural markets we enjoy), my sweet tooth radar picked up on the small selection of ice creams at the Irvine Location, and there it was, staring at me with big happy funny letters - "Tomberlies Mint Fudge Swirl RAW Vegan Ice Cream." Although I approached it skeptically, once I read the ingredients, I was intrigued. Filled with healthy fats (organic young coconut and organic raw cashews), a low glycemic sweetener (organic raw agave syrup - the only other sweetener in our house), and my FAVORITE ingredient of all, CHOCOLATE (organic RAW cocoa powder).
Now, there were several yummy-looking flavors to choose from (listed on the site's front page), but the mint has become my favorite flavor (and I always remember it from childhood when Dad used to bring it home). It also seemed the best choice for a refreshing treat on a summer afternoon.

Well, if seeing is believing, then tasting is even better! Charles and I enjoyed every last spoon-licking bite (mmmm... as a loving husband, Charles gave me the last one:-) There is something truly unique and special about this ice cream and it's mixture of coconut, mint, and chocolate (REALLY GOOD chocolate) that is addicting. Let me just say that this is one couple who are hooked!

Go to the web site, find some at your local natural market, and ENJOY!

Lorraine Joy

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