Welcome! A book about Rheo Blair? Yes!

Having been one of Rheo's dramatic photographic "before and after" transformation cases in 1978 and a close friend of the great man, I have, for the past 4 years, been at work researching material for a book about him -- one that would do him justice, both to his work as a brilliant nutritional scientist and innovator, and as a truly kind and generous human being.

I have a good reason for beginning this blog; it will be a while yet before the book is complete so in the meantime I would like to get a conversation going about Rheo. I will be sharing my research -- in progress -- and some of my thinking on a regular basis, and I would like your feedback and suggestions. My hope is to establish a large readership which may help me with the research; consider this a kind of distributed research project.

In addition, it is my hope that word of this blog gets out to many of his former clients, friends, associates and family and that we might start an online community in his honor and memory.

If you knew Rheo H Blair -- or Irvin Johnson, his given name prior to 1965 -- I want to hear from you. Please email me at RheoHBlairBlog@gmail.com.

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