Living the Rheo Blair Lifestyle -- On the Run

Rheo Blair liked turkey meat. A lot. The sliced deli style breast meat made for an easy and quick snack on the go, and one could find him out and about in his car with a supply of sliced turkey in a cold case (with digestants and other supplements, to be sure) to keep him nourished on his journey.

This knowledge came in handy yesterday as Lorraine and I spent the Labor Day holiday in Laguna Beach, one of Rheo's favorite spots and where he once owned a home. The weather was perfect and the beach itself was like paradise. We only had one challenge (other than parking) and that was where and what to eat without resorting to junk food.
We had already enjoyed a very liver - friendly lunch of avocado burritos (in whole-grain wheat tortillas) and freshly made carrot/beet juice for lunch. But what to do about dinner? We wanted something more substantial. We headed for the new Whole Foods Market near the city center (formerly a Wild Oats). This particular location is a small one with fairly limited ready-to-eat options. I was about to settle on a small salad and pre-made packaged turkey sandwich. The sandwich, though it looked pretty good to a ravaged guy with an empty stomach, concerned me because the wheat bread appeared to be of low quality (and I didn't want more grains anyway) and there was no telling what quality the turkey was. Had it been raised with hormones and antibiotics? Was there added sugar? Such is usually the case. Then I spied a display of packaged deli meats I hadn't seen earlier and found perhaps the best of this sort of Turkey to date. Applegate Farms produces organic roasted turkey slices free of all the usual unhealthy, unnatural suspects, added sugar, etc. So for dinner I combined a package of this Turkey with the aforementioned salad, and we made a fun little picnic of it at dusk.

The salad, by the way, included both red and yellow beet and cranberries -- all very good for both liver function and digestion, aspects of the Blair Program hugely important to its success.

So this was indeed a Blair-esque meal on the run.

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