Housekeeping Updates

This post is to bring you up to date on a few items of a practical nature.

First you will notice the site has been re-designed and re-built. It has a much cleaner look and more closely resembles the "Rheo Blair" "clean" look with of lots of white and red. Those of you who had the privilege of visiting any of his homes in Los Angeles or Chicago know what I mean.  But the change was necessitated by my desire to display short snippets of many stories on the front page with a "continue reading" link to the full post. This was technologically impossible with the old design.
There is a slight glitch with the post border but that is being worked out.

With the new format, will come much more frequent posting and often of a shorter nature. This has always been a research blog but now I intend to post a wider variety of items as though I were keeping a notebook of ideas and so forth. The usual longer articles will be posted to be sure but many brief items begin will appearing as well. As always, your input, your emails, are welcomed. It's a joy and an honor to hear from you.

The "book" itself -- the whole point of this venture -- is still in process and will happen. One of the reasons for starting this blog five years ago was to attract or find people Rheo knew, former friends, students, employees. The past month has seen a huge number of such people come out of the woodwork. For the first time since I began this project, I am seriously backlogged in getting to everyone and everything. That's exciting!

So hang in there; a book is will be coming.

Finally, there will be a VERY special post coming in about six weeks. Stay tuned!

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