Rheo Blair and Lawrence Welk: The Singing Nutritionist

After having wondered, hoped and searched for a very long time, I am thrilled to announce that recordings DO exist of Rheo Blair singing. I have heard them just this past week and they include a wide range of events. Whenever he attended health conventions he stood out. Singing at these conventions was one reaso and was something he did frequently. The picture you see here is one such example On another occasion he teamed up with famed singer Marni Nixon and sang a duet to rousing applause. And, yes, there is a recording of this duet and it was remarkable to hear. It is well known that Rheo had a particular affinity for the voice of Nelson Eddy and sang many of the songs he was famous for.  People remarked just how similar the two voices were. You will find more about Rheo Blair and Nelson Eddy in the article below this one, Hooray for Rheo Blair's Hollywood.

The caption to this photo, which was published in Iron Man Magazine back in the day, reads as follows:
"Lawrence Welk was star of the national Dietary Foods Association annual banquet. From all over the world, diet authorities met in Los Angeles for their 28th annual convention August 4-8. Their annual banquet, entertainment and dancing event was held in the world-famous Palladium Ballroom in Hollywood on Saturday evening. The feature of the evening was Lawrence Welk, his famous band  and the entertainers who make up his popular organization. An unexpected feature of the evening was the appearance of Rheo H. Blair as impromptu Soloist. Mr. Blair, physical culturalist, is well known to dieticians and health-food stores nationwide. Lawrence Welk, with his amazing physical stamina and enthusiasm, gave public praise to Mr. Blair for his part in the physical fitness program created for him by Blair. Photograph shows Rheo Blair singing with the Welk orchestra, and the smile of approval accorded him by Lawrence Welk."

There will be much more to say about his singing, indeed about his role as a Hollywood celebrity in the many ways in which he played that role, in the weeks and months ahead. I hope you will stay tuned.

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