Rheo Blair: We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

Yes, it has been a long time since our last post; 21 months to be exact. But an interesting thing -- and to me,  a very humbling thing -- has happened during that time the credit for which goes to YOU the readers. This blog has continued to climb in the search engine rankings even without any new posts. In fact, this blog is NUMBER ONE, the first entry on the first page of every single major search engine including Google.

Let me say that again -- we are #1 on Google hands down when you search for any combination of "Rheo H Blair," with or without the "H" using "all these words" or search for "this exact wording or phrase." See for yourself: Rheo Blair.

This is an extraordinary development for which I can only say "Thank you" to all of you. I believe this says something about the integrity of the content on this site. The information is real and the purpose for posting it is for no other reason than to honor that good man and friend of many of us, Rheo Blair.
We share information about him, period. Like most sites, we have a few Google ads hanging around to help support the site but that's about it.

I wish that were true of other sites many of which use his name and bits of his ideas to sell their own products. It is a remarkable commentary on Rheo's success in producing real results that 27 years after Rheo's death his name is still invoked by others to sell things. I am sure he wouldn't be surprised. After all people have been using his ideas since the time he first began. I'm thinking of Bob Hoffman who capitalized on then "Irvin Johnson's" protein supplements back in the early 1950's. Of course Hoffman wasn't giving Johnson the credit but he was capitalizing on Johnson's knowledge and success.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so we do not criticize here; we smile and acknowledge Rheo's achievements such that they continue to live on well beyond the man himself.

And like with Rheo Blair himself, there has been a bit of this "imitation flattery" from others online using images and pieces of information from this site. I have found things elsewhere that were borrowed without the simple courtesy of acknowledgment much less a request for use. Such is the web I suppose. This sort of thing makes me hesitant to post new material prior to the publication of the book -- which by the way remains an active project. I have had many things get in the way of progress on the book but I hope to make great progress on it in 2011 and hopefully have an announcement about it sometime this next year. 

In the meantime we will resume posting regularly while doing our best to save much of the best and most revealing information for the book itself. We look forward to your involvement in the comments section sharing what you remember about the man and his work. 

So thank you for your continued support and interest. Here's to a great 2011 as we remember and discuss our friend, Rheo H. Blair.

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