Documents: Rheo Blair's Protein Way of Life

We have just uploaded the complete version of this Rheo Blair primary-source  document along with an explanation of what it is and why it is important. For those of you who have found bits and pieces of it here and there online, we offer you a one stop source. 

Our goal in the coming months is to make this site the most comprehensive and credible source anywhere for  important information on Rheo Blair's life and work. To that end we will be posting certain of his documents and writings on dedicated static pages which blogger now makes possible.

You may access the Documents section via the drop down menu at the top of every page on this site. The document listings are on very bottom of the menu (and as of now, the Protein Way of Life is the only one uploaded to date; more coming soon). 

To go directly to it now, click here: Document: Blair's Protein Way of Life

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