Dairy Intolerance -- Postscript

Raw milk vs pasteurized

I mentioned yesterday that people with milk intolerance can sometimes tolerate raw milk. My wife, having read my post showed me a bottle of Organic Pastures raw milk from our fridge. On the bottle is a sticker that boldly proclaims in blazing colors: "NO LACTOSE INTOLERANCE NATURALLY.
Raw Milk still contains its digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria that creates the lactase enzyme for you...NO 'LI'" Lactase is a digestive enzyme in the small intestine needed for lactose digestion. Pasteuriztion typically destroys the natural lactase enzyme. People with lactose intolerance often produce inadequate amounts of lactase to digest lactose. Raw milk has its enzymes and lactase forming bacteria intact. For those whose dairy intolerance is related to lactose, this is a huge step forward.

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