Get to Know Weston A. Price

Are you looking for answers to obesity? Allergies? Immune issues? Inflammation? Tooth decay? Heart disease?

The answer is: food; REAL FOOD.

Unprocessed, real, whole, nutrient-dense food in the form in which nature provides it, not industry. The Weston A. Price Foundation is a superb resource for information on healthy eating. If you go to the website linked above you could easily spend hours reading the resources they provide. However, for a brilliant -- and brief -- summary of who Weston Price was and what the Foundation does, read this article published just today.

It will also give you a heads up on what I consider the world's finest cookbook, "Nourishing Traditions" (seen above). Lorraine and I have used Nourishing Traditions for years. We would not be without it. And it is not just a cookbook. It is both a cooking and nutrition course in and of itself. The first section is some 70 plus pages of nutrition basics from proteins, fats and minerals to enzymes, milk, food allergies and even a guide to food selection. Then comes 500 pages of recipes (without photos; literally 500 pages of recipes) including sections on "Tonics and Superfoods" and even a section on feeding babies.

If you do nothing else, read this article. Better yet, after reading the article, explore the Weston A Price Foundation website.

I can personally assure all you Rheo Blair followers that Rheo was intimately familiar with the work of Weston Price.

Shouldn't you be, too?

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