Killer Carbs

Scientist finds key to why you overeat as you age.
Hint: It has to do with eating sugar and carbs.

"A Monash University scientist has discovered key appetite control cells in the human brain degenerate over time, causing increased hunger and potentially weight-gain as we grow older". Read the rest published in Science Daily.

One of the single most important things I learned from Rheo Blair was to permanently stay away from sugar and (bad) carbs. He was adamant about this. In the 1970's there was already a great deal of scientific evidence in the case against sugar. In the three decades since there has been an avalanche of new evidence against eating sweets and other bad carbs like white flour.
Yet we still do it. And what do we get? Look at the Diabetes epidemic and the obesity epidemic, just to name two. Rheo said no human should ever eat sugar. By the way, sugar doesn't just make you fat, it hardens skin collagen making you look old; it damages your brain and your vital organs. Sugar makes you old, period.

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