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This primary document is the complete text (minus size/price options and contact information) of a supplement handout Rheo Blair produced sometime between the late 1970's and 1983. It was a two sided 8.5 X 11 piece. This brochure contains only a portion of the supplements he produced and sold under his label. The others he offered only to his private clients as those supplements were typically more specific and expensive. His Amino Acids in free form are the best (and most expensive) example. In 1978, a 1000 capsule bottle sold for $572. He also offered individual amino acids, individual B vitamins, etc. This list also does not contain his protein powders of which there were many public and private versions over the years, the latter more expensive, not white in color, and available exclusively to his private clients. These latter were often mixed in his office by him or an assistant when a private client dropped by to make a purchase. When someone tells me Rheo Blair's protein is/was/may become available by certain parties, my reaction is always "Really? Which formula?" I have yet to get an answer to that question. But that is a subject for a future discussion. Back to the supplements. In reading these descriptions, one senses both his nutritional genius and his marketing savvy. 


"They’re not made just to have something to sell! In the beginning they were made for my own personal use and shared with my very close friends. They are shared more widely now as celebrities and physical culture champions and their friends experience outstanding results when these formulas are combined with the BLAIR PROGRAM.

Blair formulas combine the best in body cell nutrients proven helpful in our own researches over 32 years and the work of medical centers, hospitals and universities here and abroad. We work exclusively with individual people so we are interested in results, that is, better physical efficiency through effective nutrition. An athlete must have a healthy heart, a bodybuilder an efficient liver function, an actor or other artists a well-nourished brain and nervous system. Whether we’re working with a sports personality or a T.V. celebrity, the Blair supplements are the best we know how to make to supply organ cell nutrients and other body cell nutrients to support the nutrition of those who are looking for the best!

B COMPLEX Three capsules a day supply 1,695 mg. of ALL the B-Complex factors, offered in what we consider proper and balanced proportions. Balanced in lipotropic factors, choline and inositol, which we feel may be important to proper liver function. Includes extra factors to assist assimilation, in easy-to-swallow capsules for quick dispersion in the stomach.

CHOLINE PLUS Our unusual lipotropic formula, high in factors that assist the handling of lipids (fats). Two capsules contain 1,150 mg. choline bitartrate, 150-mg. calcium pantothenate, 60 mg. pyridoxin (B-6), 250 mg. inositol and 30-mg. para-aminobenzioc acid (PABA). Should be used with
Blair’s B-COMPLEX to maintain the important balance among B-family factors.

LIVER EXTRACT This is an extract requiring many pounds of whole, raw beef liver, thoroughly chopped and pressed under great pressure, leaving only a grey solid mass and the extracted juice which is then quickly vacuum- dried and encapsulated. Each capsule offers 500-mg. of liver fractions, processed at low temperature and tested salmonella-free. Contains only the extracted water-soluble nutrients for which liver itself is famous, offered in “free-form,” ready for almost immediate absorption in the blood.

IRON PLUS Chelated iron, plus other chelated minerals including copper, manganese, Zinc, etc. in what we consider the proper proportions. Each capsule supplies 1,000 mcg. Of biotin as well as Vitamin B-12 and ten other important nutrients to give a synergistic action beyond reproach. You’ll be pleased with this unusual hematinic, mineral formula.

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Natural, organic iodine extreacted from the sea vegetable DULSE and offered in a medicine-dropper bottle for easy Administration. Adequate iodine intake is important to support thyroid function.

LECITHIN A natural raw crude lecithin. Each three capsules contain 3,600 mg. Soya lecithin offering 102 mg. choline, 54 mg. inositol, 1,440 mg. linoleic acid and 9 mg. linolenic acid all as naturally occurring in raw, crude lecithin.

CALCIUM P-f and CALCIUM PLUS This pair of calcium formulas contains vitamin C, Vitamin D and hydrochloric acid for a synergistic action which aids in calcium metabolism. NO bone meal, NO egg shell & phosphorus-free. These formulas contain calcium from three different natural (food salt) sources (citrate, gluconate and lactate) and like most Blair supplements are offered in easy-to-swallow capsule form rather than the common hard-to-swallow tablets which may not dissolve and therefore may never release their valuable nutrients. CALCIUM PLUS is the non- constipating form and may help irregularity. CALCIUM P-F is for those who have no elimination problem.

SOYBRO Each capsule contains 6 minims or 360 milligrams of fractions from Crude germ oils which we feel play a significant role in a whole nutritional program. SOYBRO offers these fractions in convenient  capsule form. Blair students who have the budget for it take as many as 30 of these capsules daily. A 14-to-1 fractionation (one unit of SOYBRO offers the fractions available in fourteen units of the whole  oils) from crude rice germ oil, crude wheat germ oil and crude Soya germ oil to furnish essential lipids without excess fats. 

VITAMIN A A truly natural Vitamin A. Each perle contains 10,000 U.S.P. units of Vitamin A from fish liver oil. 

COD LIVER OIL Only pure natural and organic Cod Liver Oil from natural sources. Four capsules daily furnish 40 minims of natural Cod Liver Oil, offering 5,000 U.S.P. units of Vitamin A with 540 U.S.P. units of Vitamin D.

VITAMIN C A super-strength Vitamin C providing 500 milligrams per tablet. If an average orange contains 30 milligrams of Vitamin C, then one of these tablets would offer the “C” from over 15 oranges!  Coal tar free, synthesized from natural food sources by deep-vat fermentation process. Special-shaped tablet for easy swallowing.

BIO – PLUS The most active bioflavonoids that money can buy! Each capsule contains 500-mg. Lemon bioflavonoids with hesperidin, 50 mg. rutin and 150 mg. Vitamin C.

VITAMIN E – 400 All-natural Vitamin E derived from vegetable oils, providing 400 I.U. d-alpha tocopherol, plus mixed tocopherols (delta, beta, gamma) which have been found to be important anti-oxidants. Also Available in E-100 and E-200 strengths."

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