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Today, October 9, 2014, would have been Rheo's 93rd birthday! Who better to help us remember Rheo than the one and only Frank Zane.

I had the great good fortune to meet Frank Zane and his wife, Christine, when on a spring evening in 1978 they dropped by Rheo's home to pick up supplements. They met Rheo out in his office (a separate building from the house on the same property) and Rheo asked Frank if he would come into the house and remove his shirt for for me -- Rheo wanted me to see this "wonder" live and in person for the inspiration it would give me as I was in the middle of my own transformation at that point. So Frank graciously agreed and in they came. The surprise of my life. There I was watching television and in walks Frank and Christine.  Rheo: "I have a surprise for you. This is Frank Zane and he is going to show you his beautiful, award winning physique. The finest in the world. Here he is: Mr...." and Rheo began naming off his titles as Frank removed his shirt -- leaving me almost breathless not only at the incredible site I beheld but that someone so famous would do this for an audience of one - me! It was a very special experience and one I will never forget. We chatted for a few moments and then back out they went. Living at Blair House was one incredible experience after another with movie stars coming over frequently. You never knew who you would meet next. But this experience with Frank Zane stands out.

Frank was one of the very few famous, world champion, title holding bodybuilding clients of Rheo who, after he became a celebrity, stood by Rheo and continued to credit him consistently and fairly for what Rheo did for him with his knowledge and products. He continues to honor Rheo to this day.

When I contacted Frank recently about sharing something in memory of Rheo he sent me this quote:

"1970s good old days can't help thinking of Rheo Blair.
Short stature , pompadour of black wavy hair
grand piano playing singing songs baritone
was his form of vocal training
He was adept at swinging on monkey bars attached to his ceiling
and we'd sit there for hours on bean bag chairs
waiting for our supplements, eating ice ream bars.
Rheo died years ago. He know more about
supplements and amino acids than anyone else."

He sure did. Thank you Frank! This and more information on Rheo can be found in his Book "Body Mind Spirit" and I am told that in his most recent book he gives considerable space to Rheo. I am ordering  this book as soon as I finish this post!

Get your copy at and please tell him Charles Welling sent you.

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