We Remember Rheo Blair On The 30th Anniversary of His Passing

Seen with Jimmy Durante in Chicago, 1953
Today we begin a week-long tribute to Rheo Hughes Blair, who passed away unexpectedly on October 6, 1983.

I remember that day clearly.  Rheo's long time friend and assistant, Rick Backlund, phoned me a few hours after he died. In tears, he told me what had happened. Rheo had been diagnosed with end stage renal failure and had been on dialysis for an extended period of time during which he developed severe heart disease. The two go together. His heart stopped thirty years ago today. The story of his kidney disease will be told another time. Today we begin a commemoration of the man, the wonderful person he was. Over the next two weeks we will run a series of tributes or remembrances from several close friends of Rheo.
They are of varying lengths from a wonderful group of people and even include a couple of well-known names. Check back each day for another tribute. These will make for interesting reading and learning.

This entire website and the book I am working on is my remembrance of the good man. Check back tomorrow for the first of our tributes. I'll end here, for now, by posting  the original caption to the photo above originally published in Tomorrow's Man, the bodybuilding and health pocket-magazine he started in Chicago. There is a lot of Rheo in the caption including a couple of his "thousand dollar secrets" to health and success. If you knew Rheo, you will recognize them at once.

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