Remembering Rheo Blair Part IV: Dave Draper a.k.a. "The Blond Bomber," Titleholder: Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia

"I didn't know Rheo well, but he always welcomed me to his home in LA. And he truly enjoyed whipping up a smoothie with his poplular Blair's protein powder and watching his guest ...

One of Dave Draper's famous bicep shots back in the day.
...drink it down to the last drop. You expected from his expectant look that momentarily new or extra muscle might appear on your eagerly awaiting deltoids or biceps.

Rheo H Blair had a nice, neat and clean shipping operation in the expanded garage behind his simple and quaint cottage not far from the Long Beach Freeway. I zipped down his way in my windy dune buggy a couple of times with Arnold, fresh from Munich. We both gulped down our Blair specials, were given an armful of goodies and off we went, content and rich muscleheads.

They went thattaway. Zoom.

What attracts me most about those days and the experience is they were 50 years ago -- how cool is that? -- and they are defined with catchy words, including nice, neat and clean, simple and quaint. I guess we all do that: look back at the past and say how sweet it was.

God bless Rheo H Blair, who celebrated Christmas at home 365 days a year."

Dave Draper

And Thank you, Dave, for giving us this memory of a unique human being who truly did celebrate Christmas at home 365 days a year. Rheo was the most generous man many of us ever knew. 

Please visit Dave's extensive web site and stop by his popular Facebook Page where he and his wonderful wife Laree will always give you a warm welcome!

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