What About Those Unusual Rheo Blair Supplements?

UPDATED 1/15/2012.

Today we have uploaded to this site on a static page the second primary document in our series of original Rheo Blair documents; printed items he produced for his business and which shed light on his work.

Today's document, entitled "WHAT IS UNUSUAL ABOUT BLAIR SUPPLEMENTS" is a supplement brochure Rheo Blair  used from the late 70's/early 80's and contains listings and descriptions of the following items: B-Complex, Choline Plus, Liver Extract, Peptain HCL, Iron Plus, Iocen, Lecithin, Calcium P-F, Calcium Plus, Soybro, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin C, Bio Pus, and Vitamin E.

Access the document by clicking here: Rheo Blair Supplement Brochure. An introduction to the brochure as well as relevant information on what the brochure does not contain is included. The product descriptions are of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about the man and what he did. They offer the most specific information about Rheo Blair's individual products available anywhere online -- and were written by the man himself!

Having said that, this brochure is but one of MANY that the good man published over the course of his career. AND it is not a complete list of the products offered. There were several items available only to his "private clients" including the the all important Rheo Blair Amino Acids which were encapsulated free form amino acids and sold for -- get ready for this -- $572. for a bottle of 1,000. That is not a typo and that was the price back in 1978.

The brochure also does not include the Rheo Blair protein powders of which there were many formulas. More information on Rheo Blair's protein supplements can be found in the post entitled "Blair's Protein In Context," one of the first and most widely read of any on this blog.

Please note that our Rheo Blair Document collection may also be accessed from any page on this site by going to the bottom of the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

View the Blair Supplement Document 

Again, here is a list of the Rheo Blair products included on the present document:

Rheo Blair's B COMPLEX
Rheo Blair's IRON PLUS
Rheo Blair's IOCEN
Rheo Blair's LECITHIN
Rheo Blair's SOYBRO
Rheo Blair's VITAMIN A
Rheo Blair's COD LIVER OIL
Rheo Blair's VITAMIN C
Rheo Blair's BIO – PLUS
Rheo Blair's VITAMIN E

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