I Am Interviewed about Rheo Blair

A detailed interview covering many aspects of Rheo's life
and work.

Includes information not previously published.

I received an interview request sometime back from a reader who runs his own blog, and an impressive blog it is! I refer you to The Complete Body. Ben, the blog master, writes a frequently updated blog on various aspects of healthy living. He believes that most commonly held ideas about health and nutrition are incorrect and harmful. His willingness to question common assumptions, explore alternatives and publish his findings is a hopeful sign for the future of health. If more people did this -- and increasingly they are! -- we would all be better off as more people took charge of their own health and avoided illness in the first place.

There is no better self-research resource than the Weston Price Foundation and it is a search for information on Weston Price that led Ben to this blog. He wrote to me "
My background about Rheo Blair is that I discovered him through your site while researching Weston Price. I was fascinated while reading about Rheo because he went against popular culture while producing great results.
His lessons have been very helpful in the development of my personal beliefs. To mention a few items in particular Rheo inspired me to begin looking at raw eggs, question the use of squats, and consider the importance of organ health in relation to overall health". So I want to encourage you to visit his blog and check out his research and his ideas. I believe you will find his blog an excellent resource as you take charge of your own health!

The interview of me about Rheo (and yes that is my "after" picture at the top of this post) will begin to appear more or less simultaneously on both his blog and this one. Ben intends to divide the interview into three parts and publish one part each week for three weeks. I don't have the start date as of this writing but sometime within the next few days. The interview questions are as follows:

How did you meet Rheo Blair and how was your relationship with him?

What was Rheo H. Blair’s real name? Why did he change it?

What was Rheo’s early life like? What early failures and disappointments did he experience while developing his theories?

What was Blair’s key breakthrough? Who were the key people in shaping Blair’s philosophy and what did they teach him?

Who are some other people that had a large influence on Rheo Blair or were largely influenced by him?

How did Rheo become prominent in body building? What were some of his main successes?

What did Rheo consider the ideal body? What were the ideal body’s characteristics and who are some examples of ideal bodies?

How would Rheo Blair determine an individual’s program? What commonalities did all programs have and what varied between individual programs?

Why did Rheo Blair have people take so many pills as opposed to eating whole foods? What were his pills trying to simulate? Were there any changes to Blair’s pills over the course of his career?

What are some ways in which pills could speed change and induce change?

Rheo Blair was an unconventional thinker. What were some ways that he challenged the conventional and acted out of the ordinary?

Would you like to share any final thoughts?

Since the answers I gave him tended to be somewhat lengthy, I am going to publish one or two questions at a time here on a twice or thrice weekly basis. I would love your input as we go along. So check back soon for Part I.

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