Colostrum and Migraines -- Mother's Milk and Hormones

"Do you know of a good protein powder that comes close to Blair's?"

I receive this question or some variant on it more than any other. Just goes to show that even now, twenty five years after his passing, Rheo did a masterful job promoting his marvelously effective protein formulas. His best known protein was based on the concept of the growth factors found in human mother's milk. He used to joke that he had mothers all over the country working for him. (This was only a joke; some people have heard this and thought there might be something to it; not so).
He would, in a serious vein, spend time marveling at how the bull could just lay around in the field eating grass all day and yet grow to become big and strong and that if he could just unlock the secrets of the chemistry involved there he could apply it to human growth. Eventually this thinking led to a brainstorm: protein designed to mimic the growth factors in mothers milk. There remains a great deal of speculation as to what exactly his formula contained. And while his protein is no longer available there is a seemingly miraculous growth substance that has similar qualities to mothers milk and that is available: bovine colostrum. And indeed there is speculation that his protein actually contained bovine colostrum -- the mother's milk of cows. Colostrum is actually the substance the cow produces for newborn calves; a thick yellow substance packed with growth factors and immune enhancers. Over the course of a few days the colostrum thins out and is replaced by what we know as ordinary milk.

Rheo was constantly experimenting with new ideas and I picked up this practice from him. So I recently began experimenting with consuming large quantities of colostrum. The results have been remarkable; a big increase in energy, improved sleep, a renewed desire to want to go out and conquer the world -- this latter a feeling unlike any I have had since I was in college. It has also produced a hexheimers effect on me -- a body cleansing that resembles a cold or flu; for me a cold sore and nasal drainage the latter of which is particularly interesting because my sinuses have always been one of my primary weaknesses.

My wife Lorraine will often try my experiments along with me though perhaps she will use smaller quantities of things. One of her challenges for years has been getting a migraine on a monthly basis. A decade ago when we met, these were horrendous; she was unable to stand any light and experienced projectile nausea. Over the years we have tried a number of things and have had some good success in reducing the intensity and duration of her migraines. When I became certified in Nutritional Therapy a couple of years ago I learned that migraines can in some cases be related to endocrine dysfunction, particularly pituitary and adrenal. So we began giving Lorraine neonatal bovine adrenal and neonatal ovine (sheep) pituitary and hypothalmus. These substances produced a big reduction in her symptoms. No longer did she become nauseated, need to avoid light, or take to going to bed with a washcloth over her forehead for hours at a time. Now, though she still got the headaches, the pain was greatly reduced and she was able to manage the pain with aspirin while going about her normal activities.

Now getting back to colostrum. As I said I have been consuming large quantities for a couple of weeks. Last week she began using it as well and as coincidence would have it, she took some just as she was beginning to get a migraine. The colostrum stopped the migraine in its tracks (and gave her tremendous energy). For the next several days, anytime she began feeling the beginning of a migraine she took colostrum and each time the migraine disappeared -- and we are talking about in less than a couple of minutes. The net result is that she never had to endure a migraine this past week. As her cycle progressed, no migraine. This has been the first time she has ever experienced such blessed relief.

Rheo's work was all about body chemistry; specifically balancing and optimizing the endocrine system. He used the biochemical properties of mothers milk to build bodies; we can report that those same endocrine supporting properties have, in this case, solved my wife's migraines. Remember, however, that biochemical individuality was another central component of the Blair philosophy; the idea that we are all as different in the inside as we are on the outside and that what works for one may not work as well or at all for another. But Lorraine and I are convinced that colostrum is a near miraculous substance and our experiences with it suggest once again just how far ahead of his time Rheo was with his focus on mothers milk.

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