Rheo H. Blair: The Book; New User-Friendly Site Enhancements!

I have been very busy working behind the scenes upgrading the design and building new functionality into this blog including:

1. A concise introduction to what this blog is all about and the kind of information you can expect to read in the posts -- located over to the right in the sidebar, just under Rheo Blair's picture.

2. A contact form which you can view just below this post; yes, I am showing it off :-). It is accessible via hyperlink from the introduction in the sidebar or immediately beneath the subscription links. Speaking of which...

3. You can now subcribe quickly and easily by email or RSS feeder. Click on the link of your choice in the sidebar under "Don't miss new posts." Both of these are powered by feedburner which is not necessarily of interest to you except in that they make these easy subscription options possible. Thank you feedburner!

4. A new Site Index in the sidebar for your convenience. Here, via hyperlink, you can access all the posts to date on this blog. And don't forget, there is a search bar at the very top of this blog at the left of the blue blogspot bar.

5. Additional features will be added in the near future but perhaps the most important enhancement will be an immediate increase in posting frequency. Now that the blog is functioning at a high level I can devote more time to communicating with you. Do subscribe so that you don't miss a thing -- and let's all learn together! (I do learn a lot by publishing this blog, you know; sharing my thinking with you here is a first rate way to focus my thinking, clarify my priorities, and even get new ideas. There is an old saying that says you learn most when you are teaching -- which in essence is what I am doing here. How true!)

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