YouTube Video: Bobby Riggs Takes Rheo Blair's Supplements on 60 Minutes

Rheo Blair's work with tennis legend Bobby Riggs and The Battle of the Sexes in 1973 brought him enormous free publicity which, one thing leading to the next, kept him very busy the rest of his life. In this intriguing interview with CBS' Mike Wallace we see Bobby Riggs swallowing handfuls of Rheo Blair supplements -- and not having an easy time of it. Hilarious to watch! You've got to give him credit for effort and determination; most people would have a very difficult time swallowing so many pills. For me it was easy but for Bobby Riggs, no; you can see he had to make himself do it. The little black softgels you see him taking in the first handful are Blair's Soybro, one of the most most famous and effective supplements he invented. I wish I had a warehouse full of Soybro to take today!

The video length is 9:59 and interesting to watch all the way through. The portion with the pills begins at 3:50 if you want to fast foward to that spot.

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