The TrusiiH2 Molecular Hydrogen Machine: Rheo Blair would have bought a dozen!

When Rheo got excited about some new device or product, he typically bought a large quantity both for his own use and to turn around and sell to his clients. I am thinking everything from mini trampolines to soft serve ice cream makers. Those of you who knew him KNOW what I am talking about. Well I think I have found something he would have bought a dozen of keeping several for his house and office and the rest to be sold to his famous clientele. 

Many of you know I have had a nearly lifelong passion for health. Indeed, my life changing experience with Rheo Blair is what got me started on this road at the age of 16. But this post has nothing to do with anything Rheo knew about but something he would have subscribed to and used. He literally had a refrigerated water fountain installed in his kitchen, and what I am going to talk about is a machine that refrigerates water while adding high levels of a nutrient not available at that time. I will explain shortly. 

People called Rheo "Dr. Blair" and my wife Lorraine often calls me "Dr. Welling" 😉 And yes, we both incorporate many healthful practices into our daily life including the complete avoidance of any processed or added sugar, the use of mostly fresh organic foods and careful supplementation of certain nutrients, in particular magnesium, grass-fed liver extract and matcha. 

But something new and very powerful has been discovered in the past 10 years, and that is molecular hydrogen or "H2." It is one of the hot trends in health in 2017, but finding it in your local vitamin store is unlikely as the concept and the ways to get it in your body are still in their infancy, but they are evolving rapidly.
 At the very cutting edge of H2 delivery systems is a water machine that produces high concentration levels of H2; we are talking several parts per million or PPM. While several such systems are available, usually producing less than 2 PPM, the finest is made by the Trusii company #trusiiH2; it produces 5PPM.

Lorraine and I have been fortunate to have had one of these for the past several weeks and, in a word, #trusiiH2 is WOW! We have both noticed an intense increase in energy and recovery from drinking this water. I had a couple of pesky skin issues on my right arm that cleared up within a week of starting this water, and even my sleep is improved; I am getting to sleep faster and if I wake up in the middle of the night I go back to sleep very quickly after drinking a few oz of the water. The machine itself is a fountain that both produces the H2 and cools the water (H2 needs cold water or it dissipates very quickly).

 I am not selling anything here but I am excited about what may be the most significant single health and healing discovery in several generations. I will have more to say in the future as I continue to drink about 3/4 gallon of this water every day.